Questions I ask when reviewing a design.

A selection of the questions commonly asked by Jason Fried when reviewing a design (those applicable to industrial design).

> What does it say?

> What does it mean?

> Is what it says and what it means the same thing?

> Do we want that?

> What’s the take away after 8 seconds?

> How does this make you feel?

> What’s memorable about this?

> What’s that for?

> How does that change behavior?

> What does someone know now that they didn’t know before?

> What’s the simpler version of this?

> What does a more polished version of this look like?

> What’s missing?

> Does that make it easier or harder?

> Why is that there?

> What matters here?

> What would happen if we got rid of that?

> Why isn’t that clear?

> Why is this better?

> How can we make this more obvious?

> If we got rid of this, does that still work?

> Where’s the idea?

> What problem is that solving?

> How does this change someone’s mind?

> What makes this a must have?

About Jason Fried

Jason co-founded Basecamp back in 1999. He also co-authored REWORK, the New York Times bestselling book on running a “right-sized” business.

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