Christian Vivanco

(San Luis Potosi, Mexico, 1983). 

Christian Vivanco is a designer developing products for international and local companies. Vivanco bases his practice in promoting a permacultural culture, revalorizing principles, local customs and values on a global context, stimulating authenticity and cultural inclusiveness.

Christian is currently in charge of the Industrial Design department at The Monterrey Center for Higher Learning of Design (Spanish: CEDIM, Centro de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Design), a University dedicated to design, innovation, and business, where contributes to the formation and dissemination of design in Mexico.

In 2007 Vivanco graduated as an industrial designer with honors from Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosi in Mexico. He later moved to Barcelona, Spain where he obtained the degree of Master in Product Conceptualization and Development at Elisava, School of Design. After graduating, Vivanco worked for three years as Senior Designer at DesignCode and HTDS, in Europe.

In 2009 he was selected by the renoun publication Wallpaper* as one of the emerging designers to follow worldwide. That same year, together with Tom Allen, Marta Rodríguez Falcón and Yago Rodriguez, he founded The Emotion Lab, a collaborative exercise focused on research on the value of emotions in the design process, creating conceptual projects with huge international recognition.

In 2011 several projects were featured by Gestalten, in the book “Once Upon a Chair: Design Beyond the Icon.” Other publications include Elle, Vogue, Monocle, Architectural Digest, Abitare, Domus, House International, O2, among many others.

His influences come from social and cultural factors from the Mexican chaotic and colorful history, contrasting with the relaxed Mediterranean everyday life, all of it through a heavy influence by Japanese’s nature-based culture and interaction.


Photo: Najhmi Hernandez Cartagena

Photo: Najhmi Hernandez Cartagena

Christian Vivanco is a designer stablished in Mexico city. His work has been exhibited in cities like Milan, London, Barcelona, Paris, New York and Tokyo, among other design capitals. In 2009 he got selected by the English magazine Wallpaper as the first Latin American designer to join its Graduate Directory, an annual publication which sets out the most promising emerging young designers.

Christian is focused on projects with a profile based on an anthropological approach and the study of the existing dialogues between product and society. At the same time Christian have developed research projects on collaborative processes in the development of handcrafts, together with craftman families and artisan communities in Mexico.

Christian has maintained and strengthened a profile distinguished by his involvement in the Academy of the country; for three years (2013-2016) he was in charge of the Department of Industrial Design and Product Development of CEDIM, (Monterrey, Mexico).