Las Gordas

When an object becomes raw material available to create a different and new object, a debate arises, questioning its value or contribution. This debate gets even more interesting once society reaches a level of (perhaps) too many objects that lost their value and the ability to represent something more than themselves.

In this saturated world of shapes, objects and designs, do we need to create entirely new ones? Or is it possible to look at “our universal shelf” and not see objects as objects themselves and reinterpret them as if they were a beam of wood or metal sheet? Transform, mutate and lead them into something else that does not match its original purpose?

Year / 2012




These questions led to Las Gordas, a pilot exercise composed by a family of lamps in different sizes, some to be used on a table, others to be used on the floor. In this exercise we experiment not only with the formal value of plastic colanders commonly used in Mexico and the world, but also going beyond its function, context and cultural symbolic value.








Las Gordas uses these colanders as lamp bases, complemented by translucent shades. This combination allows the generation of two environments: the base, due to its translucency, generates an aura of subtle color while the white screen produces a wider, neutral and functional atmosphere.