Christian Vivanco.

Christian Vivanco. Photo by Rodrigo Chapa. 2018.

Christian Vivanco. Photo by Rodrigo Chapa. 2018.

Christian Vivanco is a Mexican industrial designer established in Mexico City.

Originally from San Luis Potosí, a city in the north/center of the country, Christian has build a ten-year career focused on the development of projects with an anthropological sense and the empirical study of the dialogues between objects and society. Christian's work can be divided into four main lines of exploration:

Consumer goods. Christian collaborates with several companies in Mexico and the world, supporting them through consultancies on the understanding of the market, the user and the competition, identifying business opportunities and developing products, from furniture, accessories and lighting to the design of manufacturing processes. His work has been exhibited in major design capitals, such as Milan, Paris, London, Barcelona, ew York, Tokyo and Mexico City, among others. In 2009 he was selected as the first Latin American designer to be part of the Graduate Directory of the English magazine Wallpaper, which brings together the young emerging promises of design.

Industry. For two years, Christian collaborated with the Mexican company Industrias Ideal, focused on the manufacture, design and commercialization of fixed commercial furniture. Industrias Ideal distributes its products to those of 14 countries, with a monthly production of more than two thousand units, with clients such as Cinemex, Cinepolis, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Azteca Stadium, Cineplex, Boca Forum, etc. Christian was responsible for the Strategic Design of the company, leading a team of designers and engineers in the conception and development of more than 20 products.

Academy. Christian has always opted for the growth and strengthening of industrial design in Mexico. For this reason, he has dedicated several years to the academia, becoming a professor and advisor in various universities in the country, as well as directing for three years the Industrial Design program of CEDIM, one of the most recognized universities in Mexico in the field of design.

Social Design. Since its inception Christian has collaborated with diverse communities in situations of vulnerability in Mexico, carrying out research projects and product design focused on establishing new income opportunities for families of artisans, women's cooperatives and different social groups.