(San Luis Potosi, Mexico, 1983). 

Christian Vivanco is a designer stablished in Mexico City, focused on projects with a profile based on an anthropological approach and the study of the existing dialogues between product and society. His practice is divided in four main fields:

Industry. Christian is currently in charge of the Design department at Industrias Ideal, a 92 years old Mexican company focused in fixed commercial seating (cinema, theaters, colleges, churches, stadiums, etc.), being responsible of the strategy and design of products sold in 14 countries, mostly Mexico, United States, Canada and South America.

Society. Christian have developed research projects on collaborative processes in the development of handcrafts, together with craftsman families and artisan communities in north and south of Mexico for more than 6 years.

Consumer goods. Christian works together with several companies in México, Spain and South America developing products like furniture, accessories and lighting. His work has been exhibited in cities like Milan, London, Barcelona, Paris, New York and Tokyo, among other design capitals. In 2009 got selected by Wallpaper as the first Latin American designer to join its Graduate Directory, which sets out the most promising emerging young designers.

Academy. Christian has maintained and strengthened a profile distinguished by his involvement in the Academy of the country; for three years (2013-2016) he oversaw the Department of Industrial Design and Product Development of CEDIM, Mexico’s premier design and innovation school. Previously Christian taught in several universities in México.



Christian Vivanco is a designer living in Mexico City. He loves to tell stories through design and has been part of Mexico’s Design Scene for the past 10 years. In parallel Christian is a Furniture Specialist at WeWork, designing and curating furniture for Latin America.

Christian loves challenges and believes in the power of design as a game changer, working together with young mexican companies and help them to find their inner voice and value in a fierce global market.

Christian has been involved in Design Education as a Program Director (CEDIM) and professor in several universities in Mexico.

Through the years, Christian has generated ties with Latin America through projects in Colombia, Chile, Peru and Argentina, as well as various projects in his native land, Mexico, nurturing Christian Vivanco’s products in a contemporary plane.

Take a dive in some Interviews and Essays to know a bit more about his vision and approach to design.



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Christian have collaborated in projects with several enterprises and industries of México and the world, developing products and research in direct collaboration with both local companies and international corporate.




Born & Raised | Maison & Objet | Paris, France
Diseño Contenido | Mexico Design Week | Mexico city, Mexico
Salón Macrotendencias | Abierto Mexicano de Diseño | Mexico city, Mexico
New releases with Los Patrones | Atalaya Design Fair| Mexico city, Mexico
Mexicalidad | Museo del Objeto del Objeto | Mexico city, Mexico
Diseño en Mexico 1999-2015 | Museo del Chopo, Mexico city, Mexico
La Norestense | Campamento Feria de Diseño | Guadalajara, Mexico
Industrias Ideal | CinemaCon | Las Vegas, U.S.A.


Industrias Ideal | Show East | Miami, U.S.A.
Industrias Ideal | CineEurope | Barcelona, Spain
Felix | Design Week Mexico | Mexico city, Mexico
Felix | Caravana Americana II | Mexico city, Mexico
Industrias Ideal | CinemaCon | Las Vegas, U.S.A.
La Norestense | Caravana Americana I | Mexico city, Mexico


Sempering Exposition | XXI Triennale di Milano | Milan, Italy
Diseño en Proceso | Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura | Mexico
Silla Mexicana: Diseño e Identidad | Museo Franz Mayer | Mexico city, Mexico
Hilos y Entramados | Centro Cultural Clavijero | Morelia, Mexico


Designs of the year | Design Museum | London, UK
Milan Design Week | Milan, Italy
Talents a la Carte | Maison & Objet | Paris, France
Traven Collection | Playtime | Paris, France


Ánfora | Zona Maco 2014 | México City, Mexico


Cooperativa Panorámica | ICFF | New York, U.S.A.
CGN | Zona Maco | Mexico City, Mexico
Las Nenas | “Colectivo Casa Gutiérrez Nájera” | Querétaro, Mexico |
Nuevo Diseño en México | Mexico City, Mexico


Feria Hábitat | Valencia, Spain
CGN: Zona Maco | México City, Mexico
Colectivo Casa Gutiérrez Nájera | Querétaro, Mexico
Fabrica Mexicana | Museo de Arte Contemporáneo | México City, Mexico


Feria Salone Internazionale del Mobile | Milán, Italy
Cholochair en Casa Gutiérrez Nájera | Querétaro, Mexico


Designer’s Week Tokyo | Tokyo, Japan
El Cambio | Washington, E.U.A. 


Ambiente Fair | Frankfurt, Germany
Wallpaper Graduate Directory | London, England

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Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus SLP | San Luis Potosí, México
Universidad Anáhuac | Puebla, México.
Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí | San Luis Potosí, México


IF Chile | Santiago de Chile
Universidad Anáhuac | México city, México.
Universidad ICESI | Cali, Colombia.
Expo Mueble AFAMJAL 2017 | Guadalajara, México.


Universidad Autónoma | San Luis Potosí, México
Cámara de Comercio de Perú | Lima, Perú 


DECODE | Monterrey, México
Universidad Iberoamericana | México city, México


National Entrepreneur Week | México city, México
Tecnológico de Monterrey | Puebla, México
CEDIM | Monterrey, México
Casa Gutiérrez Nájera | Querétaro, México


Centro de las Artes de San Agustín Etla | Oaxaca, México
Universidad Autónoma| Aguascalientes, México
Universidad Autónoma | Ciudad Juárez, México
Universidad Autónoma| Guanajuato, México
Casa Gutiérrez Nájera | Querétaro, México


Universidad Autónoma| Aguascalientes, México
Universidad Autónoma | San Luis Potosí , México

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Christian’s projects have been selected by several publishing houses in order to be included in specialized books of contemporary industrial design. From publications which register exhibitions of design in México (Fabrica Mexicana: diseño industrial contemporaneo) to specialized books of design (Once Upon a Chair: Design beyond the icon).

4 ONE UPON.png

Once Upon a Chair:

Furniture Beyond the Icon

Once Upon a Chair is a survey of contemporary trends in design that are influenced by craft, folklore, nature, and technology, especially as it relates to new ways of designing and manufacturing. The book is full of examples and illustrations by well-known and up-and-coming designers, many of which are featured on Daily Icon and many that will surprise and delight you.


Design for Happiness

Design for Happiness tells stories happiness in the viewpoint of Design. From the very basic questions "What is happiness?" or "How does design make people be happy?", The book tries to enable people to rethink the value of their precious life even thought it is very normal. This book empasises that design makes people design their own life because it is not just objects, but it is behaviour.

Author: Jiwon Kim
Editorial: G Colon


200 Diseñadores Mexicanos

La finalidad de esta singular publicación es mostrar que en México hay una gran capacidad creativa, misma que permite diseñar desde incubadoras para recién nacidos hasta lavadoras ecológicas, pasando por autos deportivos y bolsas para dama. diseños que —por su concepto, componentes o proceso de elaboración— pueden ser considerados no solo como propuestas alternativas, sino como verdaderas innovaciones. El libro presenta una excelente muestra del trabajo de mas de 200 diseñadores de México y se enfoca en el Diseño Industrial, el Diseño Gráfico, el Diseño de Moda y el Diseño de Interiores, realizados dentro y fuera del país.



Process and pattern in architecture and design

Well-designed architecture and objects always show a meaningful resonance between means and ends. Their generating process is not a neutral vehicle that leads from the idea to the result, but rather a meeting of form and material, which may take the mode of a free experiment or confirm well-tested crafting practices.

Direction: Dario Cimorelli
Art Director: Giacomo Merli
Editorial: Silvana Editoriale


Silla Mexicana

We are very excited to share with you that La Norestense (Los Patrones) and Sillón Pic-Nic (Studio Roca) have been selected to be part of the book "Silla Mexicana" by the researcher Ana Elena Mallet and edited by Arquine + Secretaría de Cultura.

This book shows, through a chronological line, the history of the most relevant and symbolic objects of the furniture of our country.

Silla Mexicana
Ana Elena Mallet
Editorial Arquine


Just Kidding!

A to Z Designs for Kids & Kidults

Play is essential to all. Stimulating and amusing at once, it encourages participants to open up and learn, burying themselves in the joy of social interaction and dreams. Collecting about 100 designs and art projects infused with the essence of play, Just Kidding! presents a broad spectrum of thoughtful and creative approaches that talk to a growing child, add precious moments to a child’s growth and aspire to redefine a grown person’s life.

Editor: Victionary
Release date: July 2013


Fábrica Mexicana:

Diseño industrial contemporáneo.

Este libro acompaña a la muestra que ofreció una lectura crítica y reflexiva del panorama del diseño contemporáneo en México, a través de la praxis como la investigación, los proyectos y el diseño de objetos, bajo la coordinación curatorial de Graciela Kasep.