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Red Bull.

This project was developed for CEDIM during my management as Director of the Industrial Design Department. My participation in the project was from Lead Designer, working with a team composed by senior design students.

How can we improve the experience of using Human-powered Vehicles? Do we need to create a new vehicle to offer more comfortable experiences or the current ones just have to be thought again? 

The development of the project is to break the current paradigm of using the already existing Human-powered Vehicles, thus providing development improvements that have taken over their creation, providing sensations that complement the needs of the user.

Year / 2014
Client / CEDIM for Red Bull
Team / Miguel Angel González, Gonzalo Baxter, Raul Yebra, Javier Vallejo, Javier Villafaña, Montserrat Popioca


State of the Art. It is based on research of existing products on the market, analyzing the proposals generated to take a baseline of the current situation and projections that are in the present.

Trend Matrix. A trend matrix presents a high level summary of how trends and forces of change affect the technology, business, people, culture and politics, offering a quick and easy understanding of how trends affect the project.






A-System is based on working with attachments for longboard based on the philosophy of Red Bull: adventure and fun throughout the planet, to help you to be different, feel good and share the moment with others.

A-System questions the riser paradigm, and sees the possibilities in its evolution. Is it possible to develop a riser capable of facilitating the user's life? A system that allows easier use, more agile, more intelligent?