This project was developed for CEDIM during my management as Director of the Industrial Design Department. My participation in the project was from Lead Designer, working with a team composed by senior design students.

In this project we were looking for ways in which we could help workers become more efficient at their jobs and have a better quality of life. Our users are people who work inside an office every day and deal with great amounts of stress and pressure.  We offer different alternatives in the opportunity areas identified during the investigation process.

According to these guidelines, designers catered to the user’s needs in their own style. Promoting tranquility and helping aid in productivity within the mexican working environment and corporate offices. The different design alternatives offer a variety of solutions which aid in momentos of dispersion, concentration and reactivation of the users in an office environment. 

Year / 2016
Client / CEDIM for Steelcase
Team Members / Antonio Oliverez, Christopher Cruz, Gabriela Flores, Karina Ochoa, Rodrigo Flores, Tamara Chamut



By Karina Ochoa & Tamara Chamut


A privacy bubble in the office where you can rest and work intimately.

It is well known that begin able to change our posture while working makes us more productive. Fuerte gives the user the opportunity to escape the daily routine and modify their way of working, by changing postures in the office and allowing the user to temporarily isolate themselves from the noise and stress of the environment.

With its wide design and comfortable materials, Fuerte is in charge of making you feel in a privacy bubble, where you will be able to regenerate and reactivate yourself, making you more productive in the workplace.

Without changing Steelcase’s aesthetics and their use of materials, Fuerte is manufactured with RHS (Rectangular Hollow Sections), coated with electrostatic powder coating and finished with pine planks. Its cushions are made of high density foam, giving the user optimal support and the product high lifetime expectancy. Its colours are neutral making it adaptable to any environment and its wide dimensions will make everyone feel sheltered



By Antonio Oliverez

During marketing research, opportunity areas within the digital era and gadgets boom where identified, as well as the neurological aspects tied to stress

PUL-SUM is born by joining those two dots, a system that creates environmental stimuli integrated with a flower pot and a mouse. The mouse has a pulse detector which sends information via bluetooth to the flower pot; these parameters indicate three points:

1- When the user is falling asleep - When the user’s pulse is below average.
2- When the user is uneasy - When the user’s pulse is above average.
3- When the user is stressed - When the user’s pulse presents abrupt changes.

The flower pot has, it its base, four legs which elevate it 1.5 cm above the surface. In this base is where the speaker is located, this speaker reacts to the parameters sent by the mouse.

When the information gets to the motherboard it detects which parameter the mouse is sending and then emits different binaural frequencies. These electric impulses (brain waves) are information that travel from neurone to neurone, making use of hundreds of thousands of them to transport and perform a specific function (being alert, relaxes, concentrated, etc).


1- When the first parameter is activated, the speaker emits Beta Waves, (these are produced when the brain is awake and involved in activities like solving a math problem, studying, writing, etc.)
2- When the second parameter is activated, the speaker emits Alfa Waves(these represent low brain activity and relaxation like when a person is finished with a task and takes a break).
3- When the third parameter is activated the speaker emits Theta Waves(these represent a profound calmness, like when the user after driving for a while, realises that him/her does not know how he/she got it done) this brain activity is associated with a flexible stage, like when someone solves a problem creatively.
On the other hand, when the third parameter is activated the mother board turns on a fan, this fan runs air inwards through the flower pot. The air flows through the holes of the acrylic vase, towards the user. 

To validate this information, a sample of fifty people were chosen to smell and describe different aromatic plants, giving them three adjetives to describe them. By capturing this information we got to the conclusion that Mentha Spicata, best known as peppermint, was mostly described by the sample of users as relaxing. 

PUL-SUM, as a system that sends environmental stimuli, pases as a discrete design placed at the side of your desk, and the mouse gathers information of the user, when it detects a problem it sends sounds and aroma which influence him/her, avoiding moments of stress, increasing productivity and improving their quality of life by preventing chronic diseases, hypertension, heart attack, among others.

By Ambrosio Flores

A way of escaping the office without leaving it. During the conceptualization process we started looking at the way people share their workspace, how and why they do it. This led us to observe people’s behaviours when they are looking for a moment of privacy, like taking a walk through the office or going out for a smoke.


During working hours it is common for people to look for a way to escape stressful environments. Oasis is a personal paradise, created to give users a place where they can escape the noise and hustle of the workplace without the need to leave the office.

Oasis is a modular system, it allows many people to partake in this paradise, keeping their privacy.  Made of Banak wood, it gives an intimacy feeling by separating the person inside from the person outside.