La Merced

La Merced

2019 / Tallero
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After almost a year of development, we are very happy to present La Merced, the result of our first collaboration with Tallero, a young Mexican company dedicated to manufacture furniture, established in Mexico City. The objective of this first collaboration is to offer a real and sincere proposal capable of solving specific needs, without sacrificing authenticity and value.

Photo:  Ana Lorenzana . ©

Photo: Ana Lorenzana. ©

Photo.  Felipe Luna . ©

Photo. Felipe Luna. ©


La Merced is a collection of storage furniture that takes its name from the famous largest retail food market in Mexico City, inspired by characters, objects and situations that occur in these types of places.

Composed of a bureau, cabinet, canteen and credenza, all built in steel with electrostatic paint and wood conglomerate with natural oak or walnut veneer,
La Merced responds to two very simple needs:

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I want a piece of furniture that lasts.

One of the questions we ask ourselves when buying a piece of furniture is whether it will last or if it will be damaged soon, because buying it involves an investment. When you see La Merced, one of the first details you notice is the metal structure that surrounds each piece of furniture. This structure has the function of protecting the furniture from shocks during use and in moving (increasingly common and frequent). At the same time, it grants a distinctive and unique personality.


I want a piece of furniture that works for me.

We believe that furniture must adapt to you, and not you to furniture. For this reason we design La Merced modularly. What does this mean? that you can choose every part of your furniture, size, color, material, depending on what you need for your home.


The modules come with and without a door, small and large, and can be placed anywhere inside the metallic frame, and if after using it for a while your needs change, you can change your organization again, or even acquire new modules according to your needs , without having to buy another piece of furniture, that easy.

A piece of furniture can change and learn from day to day, adapting to you and the way you live, with you.

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All photos (except when noted) by Jose Margaleff.