La Norestense. (wicker)

La Norestense (wicker)

La Norestense is a rocking chair made of metal structure, which comes in two versions: perforated sheet and Tule palm fabric in its luxury version. Its production is divided into two Mexican cities: the metal work is produced in Monterrey, in the north of the country, while the palm weaving is carried out in the State of Mexico, by skilled craftsmen in the weaving trade with natural fibers.

La Norestense initially emerges as a study on a traditional rocking chair that has been part of daily life of the popular neighborhoods of Monterrey, Mexico over the last decades, resulting in the first collaboration with Los Patrones, a local brand dedicated to design and manufacture contemporary furniture in steel and other materials, characterized by a practical and accessible approach to design.

 2016 / Los Patrones
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We believe that today the search for returning to values that generate community becomes imperative. Afternoons should not be lost in front of electronic devices, afternoons should be won on the street, watching families, colonies and communities integrate through objects of use that stimulate collectivity.

In Monterrey (Mexico 2nd larger city) there is an urban postal present in most of the blocks and in the garage of the houses, an object that enters and leaves the home, planted in the street in the afternoon, a perennial and unalterable object, silent and helpful, able to define without words the community that interweaves on the sidewalks, creating spaces with open doors that reach the street.

This is one of the most endemic and special cultural objects of the northern city: The traditional metallic rocking chair, made of 3/8 "metal rod and unfolded mesh, sometimes with interpretations in various metallic materials and with variations of sizes and details.

This chair has become an object that materialize and evidence the identity of the person who uses them and over time become a mirror of the development of the society that conceives them.