2018 / Los Patrones
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Matamoros is the name of an armchair of reduced dimensions that does not skimp on comfort. Its seat is wide and generous, accompanied by a curved metal backrest, which thanks to its design allows a wide visibility around it and does not divide areas, expanding the feeling of space. The main characteristic of Matamoros is the extension of one of its front legs, which becomes a small surface as an auxiliary table, perfect to help in different activities.


Matamoros is part of our latest release: Bienvenido / Welcome,  a family of furniture and accessories, all with the common denominator of being highly functional, both practical and symbolic, flexible, able to adapt to the environment and its time enrich it through its use, focused on providing solutions around three main functions: freedom, privacy and order. It encourages the carrying out of activities in different environments, alone or accompanied, with the necessary resources to maintain order without feeling bound, with the possibility of opening the door to nature and letting it in, enriching the space that is inhabited.

Matamoros armchair.

Matamoros armchair.

Matamoros general dimensions. 2018.

Matamoros general dimensions. 2018.

Tipology: Armchair
Materials: Powder-coated steel, oak, fabric
Dimensions: 80 x 65 x 80 cm