Mr. Lazy

Mr. Lazy

2019 / Limited Edition
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Mr. Lazy is an exploratory project around the recliner, which takes references from a modern aesthetic line nourished by an industrial and mechanized identity, where the machine serves the man in an analog and visceral sense. Its naked appearance seeks to sincere the furniture idea and its function, without trying to cover anything, because what you see is what it is. There's no more.


Some years ago I had the opportunity to work for an almost one hundred years old Mexican company dedicated to manufacture cinema recliners. This experience brought me not only to the world of large-scale industrial manufacturing (around two thousand seats per month), but also to the idea of furniture as a dynamic and mechanical object.


Simultaneously, I was able to learn about the nature of the recliner as a piece of furniture that reflects an era throughout several generations, and how it was nurtured since its beginnings of distant configurative and aesthetic resources, with the intention of facilitating its introduction to the home market as luxury furniture, but soon falling into a vulgar and ungracious narrative.


The recliner, or Lazy Boy, very quickly entered the unconscious of the American collective culture, and therefore, years later, in the upper and upper middle class culture of Mexican and Latin American society. Gradually acquired cultural values related to leisure and rest, more in a sense of comfort than in a search for well-being, and started reflecting the most ordinary side of casual pop culture.

I think that all this pop-cultural value was the main reason why I was drawn to the idea of designing a contemporary recliner that dialogues with the configurative and aesthetic resources that gave rise to their ancestors, but with a different and balanced vision, trying to pay a kind of tribute.