"Quieto" (the spanish for -Stay-) is an expression that denotes a lot in contemporary Mexican culture, "Says a lot by saying little". And it is precisely here, in the brevity of the idea where lies the value of this project. Using the language of the iconic object, you get a simple but very expressive setup, full of nuances and details that engage the eye of the observer. "Quieto" is anything but a passive object, that becomes into something that arouses curiosity, interaction and dialogue.

 2013 / Self-production
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"Quieto" was originally design as part of the collection 10 100 1000., a project developed by La Metropolitana and the designer Francisco Torres, who invited 10 contemporary mexican designers to create a stool under the same brief: One stool made out of wood; designed to fit a 35 x 35 x 35 cardboard box, to be built using Metropolitana's construction techniques.

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